Why a site about prayer?

The purpose of this site is to encourage us to each go deeper in our prayer life. One way that we do that is by praying together. Another way we do that is by praying individually yet collectively on the same prayer themes. Our hope is that as we share prayers and reflect on them and pray over them at the same time in our individual lives, the Holy Spirit will speak to each of us and allow us to encourage and edify one another in prayer.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Prayer to Our Nurturing God

Nurturing God,
remembering the exile of the holy family
and Herod's slaughter of the children,
we remember all who need our sustaining love.
Hear our prayers for the church and the community in the world.
Grant that all people may hear together the song of joy,
and find their homes in the garden of justice and hope,
that we may experience the fullness of life,
which is your will for all,
in the coming of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

From Revised Common Lectionary, Year A, First Sunday After Christmas


  1. Grant that all people may hear together the song of joy, Let all people hear one voice, your voice. Prince of Peace heal us! Amen

  2. Let us remember that Jesus was an exile, he and his parents refugees, fleeing the powers of this world who longed to keep power using violence. Let us be people who sing loud songs of joy for others to hear and whose homes provide space for justice and peace. So let it be, Lord. Amen!