Why a site about prayer?

The purpose of this site is to encourage us to each go deeper in our prayer life. One way that we do that is by praying together. Another way we do that is by praying individually yet collectively on the same prayer themes. Our hope is that as we share prayers and reflect on them and pray over them at the same time in our individual lives, the Holy Spirit will speak to each of us and allow us to encourage and edify one another in prayer.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Commissioning Prayer

Commissioning Prayer read by Beth Moore and recited by participants during "The Symphony," Living Proof Ministries' Simulcast event broadcast in September 2016.

I, (insert your name here) , am Your Servant. 
You have chosen me 
And You are still choosing me. 
You have equipped me 
And You are still equipping me. 
You have lifted me from the abyss 
And never let me down. 
Your grace has always been sufficient 
And through Your astonishing grace 
I will abound in every good work. 
You Word brought me to life 
And will keep me alive. 
You baptized me in Your Spirit 
And You continue to bathe me in Your outpouring. 
The anointing upon me is real 
And not counterfeit. 
Because You are all-powerful 
I am well able. 
Because of Your death 
I am fully alive. 
Because of Your Blood 
I am clean and pure. 
Because You are Creator 
I am creative. 
Because all treasures of wisdom and knowledge 
Are hidden in You, 
I am supernaturally wise and knowledgeable in You. 
I have the Spirit of wisdom and revelation. 
Because of Your mercy, 
I’m enormously loved. 
I am called to this time. 
This generation. 
This unfolding. 
Because You are wholly reliable 
I can completely trust You. 
Because You are leading me to new places 
And calling me to new works 
I am capable of new things. 
Because You count faith as righteousness 
I declare before Heaven and earth 
Angels and demons 
I am Yours, Jesus Christ, protected and planned for and empowered. 
I can do all things through You 
Who divinely strengthens me. 
Get all the glory You desire through this instrument. 
In Your great symphony 


  1. "You have lifted me from the abyss
    And never let me down.
    Your grace has always been sufficient
    And through Your astonishing grace
    I will abound in every good work."

    I believe it Lord. You are able. Because of You alone.

  2. It's all because of you!

    Because You count faith as righteousness...
    I can declare that I am yours!

    Thank you Jesus that you protect me and have plans for me and that you empower me.


  3. Because You are leading me to new places
    And calling me to new works
    I am capable of new things. Thank you Jesus. Amen

  4. Because of Your death
    I am fully alive.

  5. God, thank you for showing me how special I am to you. Thank you for telling me that I have a very important part in your story and in your kingdom. I'm sitting so tall on the stage in your symphony, with my eyes fixated on my beloved Maestro. I'm ready!! But when I begin to doubt, Jesus, I will abide in these promises, I will abide in your love, I will abide in you!

  6. I am hidden in Christ. I am nothing before you except for who I am in Christ. All of my worth, all of these promises, all of my value is Jesus Christ in me and I in him. Jesus make yourself all in me, clothe me with yourself. I abide in you.